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Why should you advertise with us?


What are we doing to attract people to our business?


The Numbers Don't Lie :


Advertising online with Life Around Town makes sense. The leading user interface website is currently the 3rd most highly visited online. We have adapted that technology for greater functionality on a local level.


Superior Service :


Life Around Town has advanced features and new technology built into the site. In fact, many of these are currently being used with much success by other companies. Web-based businesses are presently utilizing these powerful features to break into the top ten most visited sites. These advancements are known as user-generated interface. In simple terms, users are able to find others with similar interests, buy and sell items, barter goods and services, post and seek jobs, and post and find local events. Our site, www.lifearoundtown.com, pulls all of this together like no other site has through a design that is town-specific, user-friendly, and completely free!


Cross Promoting :


Life Around Town actively seeks advertising exchanges with other outlets. The company is open to swapping advertising space on the site with cable, print, online, and other popular mediums as an ongoing promotion of the site.


Easy To Use :


An important goal of the company is to attract sustained traffic.  In order to be successful in this endeavor, Life Around Town pledges to make the site easily navigable and clutter free. In response to opinion polls, company policy prohibits banner advertisements, pop-ups, or excessive non-categorized ads that confuse and aggravate people.  In short, we make it easy to find what you want, through our categorized listings, and avoid what you don't want.


Coupons :


Another feature built into the site is exclusive coupons which can be updated as often as needed. With unique coupons for each town, we both ensure that our advertisers reach their local target audience and fulfill our promise to be user-friendly and easily navigable. The coupons will be available for the consumer to simply print and use. In this way, we help our advertising partners increase their business and our visitors take advantage of great savings.


Honoring Our Bright Future :


To acknowledge the efforts of local students, one of our departments will be contacting high school guidance counselors in each town to permanently post their students of the month. The guidance counselors will be given an exclusive code to add new students of the month to our website every month free of charge.


Honoring Our Shining Stars :


An aspect that helps bond most communities is their recreation programs. Life Around Town wants to help capture the memories of youth sports by allowing each community's recreation director to post winning teams. The director would be given an exclusive code that would allow him or her to update the site and categorize it as he or she sees fit. These postings would be permanent and free.


Highly Publicized Grand Opening Parties :


Life Around Town is committed to a lasting relationship with the community. Businesses will be given a deadline to post their ad on our site at our “early bird rates”.  Upon completion, Life Around Town uses a creative concept that brings the town together to celebrate and mark it as officially open for visitors. This celebration, known as Wild Around Town, is a mobile photographic scavenger hunt.  The party can serve as a team building, morale boosting, employee training or a networking opportunity for the businesses around town. The event can also serve as a “fun night out” for the general public, which brings businesses and their customers together.  At this catered party, teams of four to five co-workers, friends, etc. will need to bring a digital camera, a memory card, and will be given a list of at least 100 crazy items and situations of which to take group photos. Teams must choose wisely and creatively because the items and situations are worth different point values and can be combined. They are also given a deadline to achieve these goals to compete for a predetermined large prize.We plan to make this an annual event.


Fundraisers :


Each individual town will have its own grand opening with Life Around Town. Before most towns officially open, we will first conduct a fundraiser in partnership with a local high school or college. Essentially, this fundraiser is a combination of a "Buddy Shot" in a online yearbook and a "Candy Gram".  Students in a major club or organization will attempt to collect as many pictures as possible. The pictures will be placed permanently on our site in a large clickable grid of 1000+ spaces. Students, for example, will upload photographs with an attached message and have a gift delivered to their friend in their respective homerooms.  The collection of community photographs will be an attractive and popular look at “life around town”.


Contests :


We will be running random advertised and unadvertised contests to encourage people to check the site often. Some of these contests will require visitors to search deeply throughout our site.


Video Games :


Life Around Town has added an arcade that loads high-quality games from several of the best websites.


Other Advertising Streams :


Life Around Town plans to market itself, the grand opening parties and the other popular aspects of the site through several different mediums. Our marketing team will post flyers where permissible in towns. The company also plans to set up information tables in popular shopping areas and other locales around town to promote the website and grand opening parties. Life Around Town has also hired a firm to submit the site into dozens of the most popular search engines and assist our marketing department. By the way, thanks to the creative marketing department at Life Around Town, you never know where you might see our company name.