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Welcome to the Life Around Town FAQs Page


This page primarily consists of general website questions and advertisement questions.  We are constantly updating this page as more questions are submitted.




What if our company doesn't have a website?



You can post a simple text ad or contact us to have a website designed for you.




Do I have to use one of your plans?



Not necessarily.  Send us an email or give us a call and we may be able to help you customize your advertisement.


(856) 334-2004



When is the money deducted from my credit card?



If you are filling out a "hard copy" form, processing the order may take a couple of days.  By using our online forms, checkout is immediate.



What if I don't see a category that relates to my business?



Send your request to customerservice@lifearoundtown.com.  Your category proposal will be reviewed and a customer service representative will reply with our decision in a timely manner.  In the event that we cannot accommodate your request, we will propose alternative solutions to ensure your satisfaction.



What if I have a question that is not listed?



Please forward your question to customerservice@lifearoundtown.com.  A representative from the department will gladly assist you as soon as possible.  Feel free to contact our office at (856) 334-2004 for help as well.



Does the link in my ad have to be connected to my home page?



No.  You can choose to link to any part of your website or even to a company e-mail address if you choose to link at all.



What are you doing to promote your site?



Life Around Town is promoting the site and the business through various creative means.  Please see our advertisement section of our site for detailed explanations.



Can I post an advertisement in more than one city?



Yes.  See our advertisement section of our site for discounts.



Will your rates go up?



Honestly, we cannot accurately predict future business expenses related to our expansion and the growing costs related to inflation.  However, one of the benefits of acting early and purchasing a package at our present rates is that it grandfathers you for life - if our prices increase at some point, you will always pay only your initial subscription fee each year.  We take pride in this guarantee and in supporting our long-term advertisers, a point lost in many of the models used by our competitors.



Can I substitute a slogan for our phone number or business hours and still pay the same rate?



Yes.  Our packages are customizable line-by-line if desired.  The slogan or other text must fit inside of the character limitations of each line.



Does it cost anything to become a member?



No.  In fact, we reward our members for using our site.  Click on "Member Area" for more details.



Can I be a regular member and then also register my business?



You can sign up as a member and enjoy all the free member benefits and rewards as well as become a business member.



Does a business membership cost anything?



No.  However, if you want to actually do something with your business membership like place an ad referring to your business, there are very low-cost fees involved.  Please click on "Advertise" above for more details.



I noticed that you have many specifically targeted fundraisers.  Does your company conduct these same events in the corporate world?



Yes.  If your company is looking to conduct our Wild Around Town event as a corporate training or team-building activity, please contact us to get more details.